50 Cent Reveals That He Won’t Be Doing A Verzuz Anytime Soon

(Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

50 Cent has made his mind up about doing Verzuz battle and it won’t be happening anytime soon. 

In a recent interview, the Power creator gave his thoughts about Verzuz. “Verzuz was more interesting when we were completely stuck in the house. It showed up when D-Nice was the only DJ left on the planet. But other than that, it’s trying to re-write history to me. It’s already happened.” 

He continued, “We have to be stuck in the house for me, why would I be doing that? I think that’s for people that didn’t get enough while they were doing it. I got more than my share. It’s usually the guys that felt they were lyrical. They felt like theirs was special and nobody recognized it.” 

Back in December, Jim Jones revealed that G-unit and Dipset should do a Verzuz battle but knew that it wouldn’t happen.

“People would love to see Dipset vs. G-unit right?” he said. “But I doubt that will happen. There is no camaraderie there, and what we gonna listen to? Twenty 50 Cent records pretty much?” 

Should these two groups come together and do a Verzuz battle for the culture?