50 Cent, Suge Knight, Aubrey O’Day, Wack 100 & More React To Diddy’s Properties Raided

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Sean “Diddy/Brother Love” Combs‘ properties were raided on Monday, and the news quickly spread across the press and social media.

The mogul’s acquaintances, ex-colleagues, and adversaries responded to the news on social media. While Diddy’s on-and-off girlfriend Yung Miami seemed unbothered, 50 Cent mocked Diddy on Instagram following an incident. “Now it’s not Diddy do it, it’s Diddy done [shoulder shrug emoji] they don’t come like that unless they got a case,” captioned 50 with a news headline of Diddy’s raid.


Suge Knight, former owner and executive of Death Row Records, tweeted from his X account that justice is coming for Diddy, referencing the late 2Pac. While incarcerated, Knight’s account tweets, “Justice for 2Pac is coming Keefe D and now Diddy!!!”


Knight shares additional tweets that reference Clive Davis and Jeffery Epstein with, “People the raids today wasn’t for Diddy. It was to destroy the incriminating stuff on powerful men. #epstien #Diddy #clivedavis”


After it was revealed that Diddy flew to the Caribbean Islands on Monday, Knight shared another tweet that referenced Russell Simmons. The tweet read, “Diddy, Diddy, you can be extradited from that country, man!!! #nowheretorun #Diddy #RussellSimmons, open the door.”


Reactions from former associates of Diddy flooded social media after 50 Cent and Suge Knight. Wack 100, a well-known music manager and personality, made a joke on Instagram about Meek Mill, who happens to be a friend and former collaborator of Diddy. The post read, “I hope Diddy didn’t get rid of those photos and tapes for Meek Mill’s sake.”

On X, Aubrey O’Day, the former lead of Diddy’s pop group Danity Kane, tweeted, “You reap what you sow. I pray this emboldens all of us victims to speak on what we endured.”


Here are some more reactions:

Diddy’s jet was detained and searched by U.S. customs on Monday, but nothing was found and it was allowed to depart. Variousreports claim that Diddy’s private jet is currently parked in Antigua. Cape Verde, Diddy’s destination after leaving the U.S. is without extradition.

Diddy is currently involved in three sexual assault lawsuits with two jane doe and producer Lil Rod.