50 Cent Vows To Help Terrence Howard Make Up Acting Earnings

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50 Cent and Terrence Howard starred in Get Rich or Die Tryin’ in 2005. Afterward, 50 went on to become one the biggest stars in Hollywood while Terrence journeyed a 30-year career for meager wages revealed in a recent interview with WREG News Channel 3 in November 2023. On Thursday (Feb. 15), 50 Cent shared on X plans to help Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson receive better pay working with him and his upcoming projects.

Tagging Mary J. Blige, actor Michael Rainey Jr, and actor Lil Meech, 50 tweeted, “This shit hurt my stomach to hear @terrencehoward say this. Fvck em. I need the best actors and I’m gonna pay them. @tarajiphenson you cool with @maryjblige ask her, she got a BIG FVCKIN BAG. GLG GREENLIGHTGANG  My young boy’s @michaelraineyjr , @mekaicurtis , @LilMeechBMF are all making millions.”

50 Cent opened a G-Unit film and television studio in Shreveport, Louisana last December and sparked interest to bring a Big 3 Basketball team to the area with Ice Cube. 50 Cent is building his TV empire with hit series like Power, BMF, and more. He has deals with Hulu, ABC, and Fox.

Terrence Howard sued former agency CAA for conflict of interest over EMPIRE compensation in December after his revealing interview.

“I trusted CAA to look after me, and they looked after themselves,” Howard said.

Howard played lead role of hip-hop mogul Lucious Lyons in the Lee Daniels series. EMPIRE aired for six seasons on Fox. It often competed against 50 Cent’s Power for ratings.

Howard alleges that his agents did not have his best interest in the situation. The complaint reads:

“Not only did it become abundantly clear that his agents led him on a path to rely on information that was misleading, he discovered that this was the result of the fact that CAA was not acting in his best interest, but in the in interest of their own financial benefit as well as the interest of the Production Companies and the producers, Daniels and Strong. Under normal circumstances, had CAA not been the packaging agent, and had CAA not been concurrently representing the Production Companies, where their sole financial interest would have been the 10% fee from the compensation received by Howard, they would have most certainly fought for Howard in a manner that most producers are accustomed to seeing CAA agents engage in.”

50 Cent offered to help Taraji P. Henson with better-paid roles after she spoke out on harsh wages during her new film’s press run. He promised to make her as successful as Mary J. Blige, one of the highest-paid actresses who stars in Power Book II: Ghost.

50 Cent offered to help Mo’nique in 2022 by casting her in the second season of Starz’s BMF, before Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson.