50 Cent’s Lawyer Reportedly ‘Grilled’ Teairra Mari For Hours In Court Over $50k Debt 

50 Cent performs at 99 Jamz presents 50 Cent Uncensored at Revolution on March 25
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50 Cent is NOT playing about the money Teairra Mari owes him.

The case has been ongoing for years. Just a few weeks ago, Fif hired a private investigator and now there’s been some progress.

Radar Online obtained court documents in the latest report, and Teairra showed up to court for a “debtors examination.” According to the report, on April 20, Teairra showed the courts her financial records and answered questions under oath.

Per the report, “The court documents note Mari testified from 9:30 AM until 12:51 PM on the day in question. She also told the court she responded to the various demand for answers from 50 Cent.”

50 will use the information from the court to collect the money he’s owed. It’s not clear when the net court date is. A few weeks ago, 50s PI served Teairra with legal papers. He wants a judge to find her in contempt. 

The situation started years ago when Teairra sued 50 for posting an explicit photo of her online. 50 won the lawsuit, he argued he only reposted a picture already circulating, and a judge ruled in his favor. The film industry mogul was awarded $30k in attorney fees. A judge topped on an extra $20k in sanctions, bringing $50k.


Hopefully, they can work it out! We’ll keep you posted!