6 God To The Rescue: Drake Tries To Save A Life In The United Kingdom

Drake accepting award
(Photo Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Drake is in the middle of the Boy Meets World Tour in the United Kingdom.

While he is making thousands of fans happy with his music, he put on his superhero cape on this weekend to save one person’s life.

On Saturday (Feb 11), Drizzy and his team were driving through the Mancunian Way bridge in the United Kingdom where a man was attempting to commit suicide.

According to the Manchester Evening News:

Insp Phil Spurgeon, of the City Centre Intergrated Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “One officer was approached by a male from a tour van caught up in the traffic congestion, claiming to be part of Drake’s entourage.

“He offered for Drake to speak to the male on the bridge, if that would help. The offer was declined with thanks.”

The man was eventually taken to hospital for treatment after he was safely brought down from the bridge before 7am.

He was taken to hospital for assessment.

We’re just glad that the man is safe/