6ix9ine was Reportedly Arrested For His Own Protection [VIDEO]

Tekashi 69 performing on stage

Photo credit: MICHAEL CAMPANELLA / Getty Images 

Things are not going well for rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine. The rapper was arrested on Sunday, and was hit with 17-count indictment. He is also facing 32 years to life in prison. 

In the video posted by a lawyer, Tekashi was originally told that he was going in for his own “protection,” because since he fired his whole team, members from his crew wanted to “super violate” him. His lawyer stated “they took Tekashi in after learning he was planning a trip to a Connecticut casino, and feared an attempt on his life could put innocent people in jeopardy.”

It is reported that members of his team phones were tapped. In the video posted by A lawyer, he states 6ix9ine bail was denied because he’s actually the “threat.” Interesting.

Check out the video below, posted on Instagram by an account entitled Lawyer For Workers.