A Luxury Car Rental Company Accused Offset Of Losing A Rented Bentley & Filed A Lawsuit Against Him

Offset attends AXR+EXP Live Concert Experience featuring Offset & Friends at Coda rooftop on October 16
(Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

Offset is in a sticky situation.

The Migos rapper is accused of losing a rented Bentley. Now the luxury car rental place, Platinum Transportation Group in L.A, is taking legal action against Offset.

It’s not clear how Offset “lost” the rented car, but the rental company filed documents claiming that the car went “missing” after Offset rented it last spring, The Jasmine Brand reports. According to the report, PTG had an agreement with Offset, to rent the 2020 Bentley Bentayga for a few days at nearly $600 a day. Offset allegedly kept postponing the date he was supposed to return the car. Around July 4, Offset allegedly said he didn’t no where the car was and refused to make payments after July 25. 

The article also notes the Offset was a frequent client of PGT. PGT ultimately had to file a police report. The company claims the “missing car” cost the company $100,000 and they missed out on revenue renting the car. 

Offset hasn’t responded publicly to the allegations, we’ll keep you posted. 

In Migos news, the group is gearing up to drop Culture 3. No release date yet, but check out a promotional video: