A Man Pulls A Gun Out On Lil Boosie But Gets Shot Instead! [VIDEO]

Lil boosie in a crowd in a club

Photo credit – Prince Williams/WireImage/Getty Images


Karma acted FAST in this situation!

Lil Boosie was performing and had a rude surprise waiting for him after his show. A man named Samuel Demario Williams showed up to Boosie’s set waving an AK-47 around.

When Boosie was finished with his performance, he went to the parking lot where Samuel was letting some rounds go. Thank God none of the bullets hit anyone or Lil Boosie.

A security guard watching the whole thing saved the situation by shooting Samuel in the thigh. Lil Boosie took to social media to share his feelings about what happened. He wants people to “act right” when they come to his shows! Check out the video here: