A New York Man Found Guilty For Robbing Safaree At Gun Point & Stealing $180k In Jewelry

Safaree performs at the Safaree Album Release Party at SOB's on January 28
(Photo by Johnny Nunez/GettyImages)

Tacuma Ashman, 43, of Irving, New York, will soon face the consequences for his actions.

In April 2018, rapper/Love And Hip Hop superstar Safaree got robbed at gunpoint in Fort Lee. Three men were involved, including Ashman. In the latest update, a Bergen County jury convicted Ashman, 43, for first-degree robbery, plus weapons possession and resisting arrest charges. He was acquitted on conspiracy charges and owning a handgun without a permit. He faces 50 years in prison and goes back to court on January 28. 

According to the report, Safaree’s old childhood friend, Shawn Harewood, was the “mastermind” behind the plan to rob Safaree. Harewood recruited Carl-Harry to act as his henchmen since Safaree would recognize his snake childhood former friend. The three men planned the robbery weeks in advance and even put a GPS device on Safaree’s car to learn his whereabouts. 

On the day of the attack, the three men waited until Safaree pulled up to The Modern, a luxury apartment building on Park Avenue in Fort Lee. Surveillance video from The Modern’s parking garage showed two men, allegedly Ashman and Harry, approach Samuels from behind and get in a scuffle with him. Ashman held the gun while they took his valuables and then drove off in a black Escalade. The state said Harewood was the driver.

Then, the trio peeled off, going at 80 mph across the George Washington Bridge into New York City. By this time, the police were chasing them. During the chase, the Escalade crashed into a concrete divider at the Henry Hudson Parkway South ramp. 

During the trial, dashcam footage showed the three men attempted to flee on foot. Harewood was arrested that night near 144th Street in Manhattan. Law enforcement found Ashman weeks later in Newark. Police also recovered Samuels’ wallet and jewelry.

Harewood and Ashman were co-defendants in the trial; however, a judge declared a mistrial for Harewood after his attorney withdrew from the case for a personal reason. A new trial date for Harewood is pending. Harry pleaded guilty in 2019 on a conspiracy charge. Revolt points out Harry had to spend 364 days in the Bergen County Jail and was put on probation for five years.