Adrienne Bailon Reveals She Suffered Severe Anxiety Attacks While Filming ‘The Real’: ‘My Hands Would Go Numb

(Photo by Jemal Countess/FilmMagic)

Adrienne Bailon opens up about her constant anxiety attacks while filming, “The Real.”

During an episode, the host played a game of “asking each other about things we’ve always wanted to know.” During the segment the host got very candid about things they typically wouldn’t open up about. When asked one of her biggest show secrets, Adrienne would go on to say no one knew that during a full season she would suffer from severe panic attacks.

She explained, “they would like rush me off and you’d be like what’s happening, it would be that I was having panic attacks – like really really bad panic attacks.”

She added, “because I had had one while taping the show, everytime we walked out – this is so wild. Everytime we talked out for like an entire season I would hear the song and literally be like, ‘b**ch read the prompter, like just do it.”

“I could barely sometimes see and my hand would go numb.  I’d be like my hands are numb….I can’t feel my hands”

Watch the full clip below.