Albee Al, The Gladiator’s “Tears 4 A Goon”: From Funk Flex Freestyles To A New Album

Album cover Albee Al 'Tears 4 a Goon'
Albee Al, The Gladiator’s highly anticipated album, “Tears 4 A Goon” featuring the hot new single “Loving You” drops this week! Be sure and check out his new beats. 

AlBeeAl The Gladiator was born and raised in Jersey City, New Jersey. Raised in the Marion Projects in Jersey City, Al grew up in poverty stricken environment. At the age of 10, AlbeeAl knew he wanted to pursue music as a full time career.

“My father was an old school cat that was running around with artists such as Doug E. Fresh and Biz Markie. My dad was a part of a group called Sweet Slick and Slide and their movement in Hip_Hop was huge. Though my dad was based out of Jersey City, he and his group members where always in New York. My dad died when i was four years old. His stage name was also AlBeeAl”, states Al.
Getting his feet wet on the performance stage, AlBeeAl has opened up for established acts such as PNB Rock, YFNLucci, OT Genesis and more. “I am the voice of the struggle. I am a hood journalist. I am a motivational speaker for those who think the same as me in the hood.”
In his spare time, AlBeeAl enjoys spending time with family. “I am a momma’s boy. I do everything for my mother. This is my mother’s dream as well. I am programmed for family. I am her robot.”