Alexis Crawford’s Cause Of Death Revealed As New Details Surface

Alexis Crawford smiling at camera

(Photo Credit- Twitter Screenshot)

New details about Alexis Crawford’s untimely death have been revealed. 

The AJC reports that Crawford and her roommate Jordyn Jones had got into a physical altercation that led to Jones’s boyfriend, Barron Brantley to interfere and strangled her to death. 

Jones’ warrant states that she also smothered Crawford with a black trash bag. Both Brantley and Jones put Crawford’s remains in a plastic bin and took her body to Exchange Park in Decatur, Georgia, where they put her body in the woods. 

After a missing person report was filed by Crawford’s family, Jones would tell the police that she didn’t know where her roommate was. 

Brantley confessed to the murder and informed police where they could find the body. 

We reported that the two were arrested on separate days and have both been charged with felony murder. They are currently waiting for their next court appearance on November 22nd.