Ali From The St. Lunatics Claims Nelly Abandoned The Group & Didn’t Give Him Credit On Songs

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Uh-oh uh-oh…

Ali from the 90’s hip hop group, the St. Lunatics, spoke out on a few things.

According to Ali, he claims Nelly abandoned the group once Nelly got offered a solo record deal. In a very lengthy heartfelt Instagram post, Ali started off by acknowledging that people may call him “childish” for putting his business on social media. Ali claims he’s not the type to “throw a rock and hide his hands.”

He went on to say in 1993, he started the group, the St. Lunatics. The group consisted of Ali, Nelly, City Spud, Murphy Lee, and Kyjuan. According to Ali, he taught the group how to rap, write and how to count bars.

He claims in 1997, when he made the “Gimmie What You Got” song, he fought hard for Nelly’s verse to be on it. Ali claims he got offered a solo deal but turned it down because he wanted to stay loyal to the group.

Fast forward, in 1999, Ali claims Ma$e’s Manager at the time (Cudda) was interested in signing Nelly and City Spud. According to Ali, Nelly and City Spud left with Cudda and this is when the separation began. Ali feels he was “hustled.”

Then Ali claims when Nelly got signed to Universal that same year, Nelly’s manager told Ali that Nelly doesn’t need him anymore to help him write. Ali said, “So you need me to get you here , but now that you’re here ….”I don’t need you anymore “!! ‘I said ok, i’ll stay here and I won’t help him write!!’”

He went on to say that he still helped Nelly anyway but got no credit. Nelly hasn’t responded publicly as of yet. Take a look at the post.

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Them: “Ali, you’re being childish.., why are you putting it on social media Ali, Nelly’s not saying anything he’s staying positive”.


Me: Nah, he’s just the type to throw a rock and hide his hand!! I throw mine… and say “yeah I did it”.

Nelly: “The Original hustlers since day one…KNOW THAT “…ALWAYS !!


This is PERFECT because I’ve been explaining to Murph, Kyjuan and slo that this was the “ORIGINAL Hustle” …They heard me talking yet didn’t quite understand…..this officially connected the dots.••

1993 I started the Group , taught them how to Rhyme, from writing to teaching them what 16 bars was & how to count bars…..


Fast forward 1997: I make a record (gimme what you got) The label that we were wit didn’t want Nelly on the song …I fought “nah are y’all crazy, this kid is dope “……and they kept him on the song..(Nelly’s verse was )

After the success of *gimme me what you got*two hustlers big Mel & Crow Came and offered me a big bag of money to sign with them!! I said sure and plus my group would love it… they said “no not the group we only want you”… I said “ well now, I appreciate it but we come as a package”.


Fast forward 1999: Ma$e Manager at the time(Cudda)… was introduced to us… and he immediately started separating the group. He wanted Nelly and City spud. They left with Cudda (went to Harlem)…..

The separation became The reality… They had left !!! We(The rest of the group) felt ‘HUSTLED’…. we were *1 until, The opportunity was presented to be *2 ..they hustled us!!


Fast forward Universal record signs Nelly : Nelly has his manager (my bf @stltluv )…. call me and he said : “Nelly said he doesn’t NEED YOU to help him write”….

So you need me to get you here , but now that you’re here ….”I don’t need you anymore “!!

I said ok, i’ll stay here and I won’t help him write!!

Some kind of way I ended up going …I ended up helping him write … but got no credit!! Wow !! I got hustled !! …..

Now..go back and listen to the video “The ORIGINAL hustlers” …. bravo,  I can’t be mad Fool me once shame on you, …. Fool me twice shame on me!! You live and you learn.

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