An Airplane Company Is Allowing People To Have Sex On It For $1,000

Photo credit – Shutterstock

An airplane company is helping couples spice up their sex life.

The Love Cloud is a private jet where couples can have a romantic experience while in the clouds. The company is in Las Vegas, and it doesn’t fly anywhere but 5,280 feet in the sky. Couples can pay about $1000 for the 45-min experience or roughly $1500 for an hour and a half. 

The cabin has a twin-sized bed, but it can fit up to six people if you’re into that. There’s also a foam mattress, red satin sheets, and a “sex pillow” designed to make “getting it on” more comfortable while in various sex positions. Take a look:

Yahoo points out some people are raving about it. “Almost every single flight ends in complete happiness,” Anthony Blake, co-owner and pilot of Love Cloud, told BuzzFeed. “People are saying they’ve had the best sex in their lives. Weeks later, they’re still talking about it.” If you’re wondering what the pilot would be up to, Business Insider reports they wear noise canceling headphones. 

Would you ever try this?