Anderson .Paak Gives An Update On Kendrick Lamar: ‘He’s Hanging In There’

photo credit: Christian Bertrand /

If you’ve been wondering how Kendrick Lamar is doing these days, his good friend Anderson .Paak gives fans a nice update.

In a new interview with Esquire, Anderson gave an update on some of his closest collaborators, including Dr. Dre and K. Dot, who we haven’t heard much from.

“We talk just through texts and just off and on,” said Anderson about Kendrick Lamar. “I always check on him and the family and make sure he’s good. He’s always responsive, and just like, just let me know he’s hanging in there just like everybody else.”

Now, as for Dre, according to And he’s doing well, despite this messy divorce that he’s in the middle of. “Dre’s having a good-a*s time,” he said about his mentor. “That’s already his life—isolation, working all the time. I think he was probably used to it. But he’s having fun now because a lot of people have more time on their hands, so they can come visit him and make music with big Uncle Dre.”