Angela Simmons Trends Online After She Shows Off Her Natural Body In Revealing Two Piece

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Angela Simmons is trending online as she shows off her nature physique.

Angela is participating a 1o day ‘“health n healing” challenge, which she’s sharing with her fans via Instagram. In a most recent upload, Simmons posed in a green bikini. She captioned the photo, “Raw no edit, REAL bodies matter and thick thighs save lives lol..”

Fans gushed over Simmons as she walked in the Matte Collection swimsuit line, a part of Miami Swim Week. One fan noted, “I really love that Angela Simmons did this because we so programmed on photoshops on pictures so people tend to make fun of how natural bodies are in reality lord knows I love my cellulite dips and marks..” and another, “Angela Simmons is beautiful and ALL NATURAL. That’s why some of y’all be downing her because y’all are so use to surgical bodies that when you see a woman whose body is natural you talk down on her.”

Check out Angela ripping the runway.