Are Lil Yachty And Drake Teaming Up For A Joint Album?

Drake is building a track record of having joint albums with his friends, next on the list may be Lil Yachty.

During an appearance on Our Generation Music vlog that was posted to YouTube, Lil Yachty shared some insight on the possibility.

“We’ve talked about it before… It would be nice, right?” Yachty said.

He continued to explain, however, that since Drake just dropped a new project, there may need to be some time before they can consider another project. After releasing For All The Dogs, Drake shared that he will be taking a break from music.

“I think [Drake] gon’ take a little second to breathe [first],” Yachty explained. “Ima take next year to figure out my situation… And you know, we’ll look into it in the future.”

In a recent conversation with Complex, Yachty discussed the dynamic between him and the Hotline Bling rapper.

“Me and him are kind of different when it comes to lifestyle,” he said. “I record every day all day, where he kind of is very selective on his recording days as he has more of a life than I do. And, he is much more into actually living life as to where I am literally trying to record music every day.”