Ari Fletcher Calls Out G-Herbo, Says Their Son Came Home With A Scar On Him

(Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images for BET)

Ari Fletcher calls out G-Herbo and his girl friend, Taina Williams.

In a lengthy Instagram post, Ari claims that she and Herb’s son, Yoshon- came home with a “scar on him” and said that he got it from Taina. She also says that their son told her that Taina is “mean to him” and that he doesn’t “like her.

The message reads, “how about to tell the truth for ONCE. Tell them how my son came home with a scar on him and saying what Taina did to him while you wasn’t home and even tho he told you out his own mouth what she did and he was crying and she didn’t help him and she’s mean to him and he don’t like her and the shit happened while you wasn’t home.”

It continues, “I gave you a whole week to handle it as a father, you or her never called me about the situation. I called back to talk to her and tell her she can’t be around my baby and I was very respectful and you sat up and said in front of her that my baby was lying. You said how you gone see your son if he can’t be around her… LOL WHAT?!!?!”

G-Herbo seemingly replies by sharing a video of he and Taina’s son.