Ari Lennox Shows Off Her Bikini Body While In The Shower

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Ari Lennox is melting the internet.

While on tour, the singer shared a sneak peek into her wash day as she stood in the shower with her Dior bikini on- washing her hair. “She looks so good to me man she has something I can’t explain man..” commented one fan. While on the other hand, a few fans were confused why she has on a bathing suit in the shower. “Why she in the shower with a bathing suit on??”

Ari is currently on whats said to be her very last tour. She previously announced that she will no longer be touring. “Age Sex Location will be my last tour I love my genuine fans so much and can’t wait to give you my all every night!!” she says via Twitter.

“Europe I love you but unfortunately there will not be a tour due to reasons out of my control. Happy holidays See you soon Vegas!” the post continued.

J. Cole, founder of her label, Dreamville- shared a conversation between he and Lennox when her album Age Sex Location was released. In the message he asked Ari what the album meant to her in which she explained, “transitional space. Very vulnerable codependent and validation seeking part of my life,” she responded. “I remember the countless times I was kicked out of dating apps because they didn’t think I was really myself, it reminded me of those age/sex/location days where I actually wasn’t being myself in those chat rooms.”