Ari Lennox Threatens To Sue Joe Budden, Says He’s A ‘Failure Like Drake Said’

Ari Lennox has some words for Joe Budden.

The songstress has threatened to sue the podcaster after he had critcized her recent comments about touring with rapper Rod Wave. “I was never comfortable. I just remember every show, just racing to get off stage, racing to get through my set,” she expressed at the time.

Ari makes it clear that she is not afraid to take legal action against Joe in order to prevent him from speaking on her further. “I don’t know what Joe Budden’s obsession is with me, but what I will say is that somebody needs to tell him to stop touching them dogs,” she began. “He’s weird and he’s gross. He has smoke mouth. He’s disgusting! And he’s a failure like Drake said.”

While on Instagram live she continued, “I can never just express what’s going on with me without him coming from behind…the landfill that he lives in to say something…This man has never, ever in his life validated the truth…he just loves to oppose everybody…he’ll never acknowledge the truth. I can’t ever just talk to my people without him just being psychotic.”

The R&B singer then threatened to spend $20,000 to sue Budden to stop him from speaking on her.

Joe responded to Ari’s comments via his podcast. Refuting her claims he says, “I don’t f*ck dogs. I’m not here to talk to the people who believe I abused the very women I have taken care of. It’s just not who I am. It’s not who I’ve been.”

“And this comes off two weeks of me exposing some truths about different corporations — Spotify, iHeart. I won’t say that this is a calculated smear campaign because I don’t think it’s that calculated; I just think people are stupid.”