ASAP Bari Reportedly Charged With Two Felonies In Drug Case


Photo credit: Edward Berthelot / Getty Images 

Uh-oh! Things are not looking too good for ASAP Bari. Back in November, Bari was pulled over by police in Pennsylvania.  The car he was in was reportedly riding in the wrong direction. Once pulled over, cops smelled a strong marijuana odor and ultimately found 24 circular tins of weed. The police also discovered more once he was searched at the station.

Stemming from that arrest, Bari was hit with 7 criminal counts in that case. He was hit with two felony charges of “possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver weed” as well as “criminal conspiracy to commit to possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver.” The rest of the charges are misdemeanors, according to reports.

Bari is the co-founder of the A$AP Mob, he is also a street-wear designer. He is known for the A$AP Mob but also for co-founding the popular street-wear clothing label VLONE.