Ashanti’s Concert Was Canceled After Allegedly Selling Only 24 Tickets

Ashanti perfoming on stage

Photo Credit: Josh Brasted / Getty Images

R&B princess Ashanti was supposed to perform at Stony Brook University’s ‘Back To Brook’ event this month, but the show was canceled after she only was able to sell 24 tickets.

Now, Teyana Taylor was supposed to be performing at this event but Ashanti was asked to replace her after Tey pulled out of the show two weeks before the performance. That’s when Ashanti was asked to step in. Due to the replacement being last minute, that could be a reason for the low ticket sales. Also, was college students ranging from 18-21 rocking with Ashanti when she was in her prime?

The organization released a statement regarding the cancellation: 

“As an organization, we do our best to host programs for students while providing diversity and inclusion. However, we have struggled to execute certain aspects. With only a week before the concert, only 24 tickets were sold to students.”

Ashanti is currently working on an album with Ja-rule, she may be able to come back from this!