Assemblyman Michael Blake Tells The Truth On NYC Free Tuition & Raise The Age [VIDEO]

Hot 97 Ebro in the Morning Assemblyman Michael Blake

Assemblyman and Vice Chair of the Democratic National Committee Michael Blake walked up to Hot 97 and had a real conversation with Ebro in the Morning about some of the latest policies in New York.

He discussed the process behind the fight to raise the age minors are tried as adults. 16 and 17-year-old’s cases considered of crimes will be taking their cases to family court unless it is a big enough crime to take to criminal court. Blake and many other democrats wanted a stronger bill, but there were some obsticles around that due to state senate republicans.

During the discussion he also broke down the truth behind the announcement of free college tuition in New York City, and the problems within his own Democratic party.

Blake even had some things to say about some of the Relationship Guru Rosenberg’s advice.

Watch the full interview below.