Azealia Banks Shares Verse from Original Version of 6ix9ine and Kanye West Collab [LISTEN]

Azealia Banks performing.

Photo credit: Ollie Millington / Getty Images 

Unfortunately, 6ix9ine’s Dummy Boy album was leaked on the internet- after the rappers Instagram account posted that the album would be postponed. That didn’t stop rapper Azealia Banks from posting her verse that was originally supposed to be on the song featuring kanye West off the album.

Banks name was not on the tracklist, that6ix9ine posted on his social media, she states she was removed from the album. We know that Banks and Nicki Minaj have had some issues in the past, so maybe that’s why she was removed from the album?

Nicki took to her Instagram to make the announcement that Dummy Boy was being pushed back due to his recent legal issues.

Check out Banks verse below.