B.G. Pens A Letter Requesting Compassionate Release To Federal Judge

(Photo by Ben Rose/Getty Images)

After ten years of being behind bars, Cash Money Record’s rapper B.G. has written the federal judge for a compassionate release from prison in order to return to his family and his career. 

According to reports, the rapper, whose real name is Christopher Dorsey, admitted to his guilt in the letter and takes full responsibility for his role in the crimes. He also attributes his upbringing in New Orleans to his life of crime including violence, death, and despair.

In the letter, he also included that his struggles were confessed through his music. “My struggles were confessed to the world, my personal conflicts, my battle with drug addiction.” 

He also added, “There are so many injustices that are subjects in today’s national debate that I’d like to weigh in on, contribute my voice and influence to help resolve. I intend to spend the remainder of my career atoning through my actions, for the missteps of my early years.” 

B.G. was sentenced to 14 years in 2012 in federal prison after being found with weapons in his vehicle by police during a traffic stop in New Orleans. He was also charged with witness tampering for trying to convince the other witnesses in the car to not confess to weapons charges. 

He is slated to be released in 2024 and is serving his time at Big Sandy USP in Kentucky.