Battle Of The Songwriters: The Dream & Sean Garret On IG Live

The Dream (L) Sean Garret (R)|The Dream (L) Sean Garret (R)
Photo credit – GettyImages|Photo credit – Getty Images

Celebrities are doing what they can to keep people entertained during the pandemic! 

IG Live is growing popular since fans can watch and two people can be on a live at once. Last night on live was a battle of the songwriters between The Dream and Sean Garret.

Before they jumped on live, they kept throwing jabs at each other online, hyping up the night. During the set, The Dream played an unreleased H.E.R track and Jay Z’s Holy Grail, in pure form. Sean player a range of music like Destiny’s Child, Mario, Ciara and more. 

Fans online say The Dream won, but what do you think? The Dream also announced via IG that he’s dropping a new project sometime this year, SEXTAPE4. 

Stream the live here: