Beef? Cardi B & JT Trade Shots Online, Here’s Why

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The girls are going at it!

Today (October 3), Cardi B. and JT were throwing shots at each other online. Is there beef? Welp, this is how it started:

JT of the City Girls gave GloRilla props for her single “Tomorrow” ft. Cardi B. making the Billboard’s Hot 100, it landed at No. 9. The accolade is GloRilla’s first top 10 hit, and Cardi’s 11th. 

XXL points out, JT responded to a fan for the “omission.” JT responded:

“NAH actually the tweet was too long! PLUS Cardi Been having top 10’s I been congratulating her for years this is GLO first one, I’ve been ignoring y’all but y’all are hella annoying, move round & get off my D*CK thank YOU!”

The next Tweet sent by Cardi caused static. The Bronx rapper wrote in a Twitter post, “lapdog,” but didn’t @ anyone. JT wrote, “I hope you don’t think you no BULLY!!!” Then, “wiener dog,” and also didn’t @ anyone. 

Cardi responded, “go fetch” in a Twitter post. In the next post, JT directed her post to Cardi and @‘d the “Shake It” rapper’s name and said, “Cardi you go fetch a real talent! We DM’ing why you come back here to put on a show for these KIDS?” Then Cardi replied to JT,

“So wait, me and you talking in the DM woman to woman, but YOU take it to your timeline and throw shots calling me a bully and a wiener,” Cardi posted. “Why you playing dumb? And YOU talking about a talent?! haaaaa! You forgot P tried to put me on wit your writer?”

Cardi responded, “Matter fact, I’m not even doing this on the timeline!It’s becoming real repetitive for doggy treats. We already addressing it in the DM’s. GOODBYE YALL.”

Then the ladies went back and forth about who had the bigger hits and who ghost writes. JT shot down Cardi’s claim that the City Girl doesn’t write her music. 

Take a look at all of the messages:

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