Belly Gets VERY REAL & Honest On Palenstine/Isreal Relations, Mental Health, & Immigration [VIDEO]

Belly On Ebro in the Morning

Belly passed through Ebro in the Morning and had some very real and honest talk about sensitive Palestinian and Isrealian relations, mental health, and a lot more.

The writer/performer revealed how he began writing in the first place, which was a result of being blackballed in Canada due to a politically driven track called “History of Violence.”

He also spoke about being an immigrant and going from Palestine to living in Canada. The artist got very real and honest about the realities of Palestinian issues and well as Israeli issues, topics that will also be discussed in his album Immigrant.

Belly for one of the first times also detailed his own history with mental health revealing he was diagnosed with PTSD and depression.

Immigrant is available Friday.

Check out the conversation below.