Beyonce & Kelly Rowland Might Be Working On New Music Together

Beyonce and Kelly Rowland

Photo Credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty

With the On the Run II finally coming to an end, it looks like Beyonce might be in the studio cooking something up with Kelly Rowland.

Out of nowhere, an Instagram handle @roseivyou popped up and now the fans are trying to put clues together to figure out what these two are up to. The black and white clip shows visuals of a rose blossoming with what sounds like giggles and singing. Following the video a few days later, is a post with the letters I.IV. 



Rose IV You

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How does this all link to the singers? Well the account only has five accounts following @roseivyou which includes Kelly Rowand, Beyonce, Netflix, Tidal and Nicki Minaj. Kelly even shared a video of her singing along to new music with the lyrics “rose petals at my feet.”



Kelly don’t really give a how you feel!

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Now, if the rumors are in fact true, this would be Bey and Kelly’s first new music together since 2005.No announcements have been made, but fans are connecting the dots.

So many questions! Is Kelly dropping an album? Are Beyonce and Nicki Minaj involved? Will there be a Netflix special? We just have to wait and see!