Bhad Bhabie And Her Crew Involved In A Brawl Following Argument W/ Her Boyfriend

Bhad Bhabie was involved in a brawl at a Los Angeles restuarant.

According to TMZ, the rapper who is currently withchild, got into an argument her boyfriend before slapping him.

Things esclading when the couple noticed the table next to them recording the argument. The two tables then began to fight, according to a witness.

Bhabie’s representatives shared their side of the story explaining, “Danielle was just trying to have a relaxing dinner with her friends as she is very pregnant. The issue was that these drunk women were filming Danielle and her party and then started yelling stuff at them.”

“Danielle was arguing with her table because her boyfriend was trying to be protective and stop these people from harassing them and filming them. Danielle wanted her friends to just let it go but the restaurant didn’t get involved and it escalated.”

TMZ obtained a video.