Bhad Bhabie Shows Off Her Insane Butt Gains, Says She’s Had ‘Butt Shots’ Since She Was 17

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Bhad Bhabie is showing off her weight gain.

In an Instagram post, the rapper is showing off her “new body.” She says she’s “never been happier” with how her body looks. In a lengthy post, she explains, “first 2 pics are from march 23 22 I weighed 83 pounds. Last 3 are from this morning I weigh 103 and I’ve never been happier with how my body looks!”

The rapper says she’s been between 80/85 lbs since she was 12 years old. The post continues, “I’ve always been under weight no matter how much I ate I could never gain. I’ve been 80-85 pounds since I was 12. My goal weight was always 105 but I never thought I would b able to make it past 95. Funny thing about it is I’ve had ass shots since I was 17 and I’m just now starting to have a ass so yes ima call my ass natural bc it still wasn’t there till I started gaining weight”

Take a look at her weight gain below.

Speaking of the19-year-old- the social media sensation has created the Bhad Scholarship Award in partnership with Educapital Foundation, which prides itself on being the “only national foundation to focus its efforts on trade school education for the country’s most underserved, impoverished students.” The initiative will distribute $1.7 million among 1,000 students enrolling in technical and trade schools as well as those who have graduated and are pursuing entrepreneurship or further education.