Billboard Announced A MAJOR Change To Count Hot 100 & Other Chart Tallies

Photo credit – GettyImages/ (L) Daniel Torok/Patrick McMullan (M) Erik Voake (R) Jerritt Clark

As the digital and the streaming world take over, old ways of doing things may not work! 

Billboard is making major changes to how artists can land on their charts! To get a more accurate count, albums that are sold with merchandise and concert ticket bundles will no longer be counted. Chart Data Tweeted the news. 

“Billboard is changing ticket bundling rules for album charts. “Forced” album + ticket bundles will NO LONGER COUNT. “Opt in” bundles WILL count (users can request to add the album to a ticket purchase).

Details expected Tuesday. Effective for all tours from October 2, 2020 on.”

The changes come after the platform received backlash that charts weren’t accurate. Also, artists are getting “more creative” when it comes to “gaming the system” by using different promotion tactics. 

Hopefully, more artists will have an equal opportunity to land a spot on the chart!