Bishop Lamor Whitehead Accused Of Submitting False Docs To Evict People From A Church He Didn’t Own

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Bishop Lamor Whitehead is in deep water once again.

According to a lawsuit filed in the Brooklyn Supreme Court on April 28, he filed false paperwork to claim possession of a church building whose congregation he then evicted. The lawsuit says Whitehead never owned the property.

The building is located on Foster Avenue in East Flatbush. Last December, Whitehead changed the locks and kicked out the congregation of 200 people.

The church was named Glory of God Global Ministry for nearly a decade before the Bishop Christopher Columbus’d it.  

TheCity reports “The property was purchased by a trust owned by Maryland resident Michael Moses and his sister Lydia at a tax sale auction for $1.9 million in February of 2022.” It continues, 

“After that sale went through, Whitehead contacted the siblings to express interest in buying the building. In turn they granted him permission to evict the current tenants while securing financing for the property.” Whitehead never for that financing and the suit alleges he submitted a false new deed to the Office of the City Register in April. He claimed his church, Leaders of Tomorrow International Ministries in Canarsie, were the rightful owners.

Whitehead is also facing federal charges for allegedly swindling one of his parishioners out of her life savings. According to a federal indictment, the Bishop is also charged for trying to extort a businessman and lying to the FBI. His attorney denied the accusation.

As far as his latest legal trouble, he says the allegations are false and he hasn’t been served a copy of the lawsuit.