Black Women In Georgia Will Receive $850 Per Month To Combat The Racial Wealth Gap

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Good news!

As reported on Yahoo, the Georgia Resilience and Opportunity Fund will focus solely on helping Black women combat the wealth gap. The fund will provide 650 Black women across Georgia payments of $850 per month over the next two years. The initiative is one of the biggest guaranteed income initiatives in the country. Some women will receive payments monthly, while others will get a lump sum. 

ABC News reports, in addition, the “Real Wakanda” Initiative will run its basic income program that will help 300 residents in poverty. It’ll pay residents $500 for 12 months. The publication notes, 

“Some 38% of Black women and 26% of Black men in the city are living in poverty, compared to 8% of white women and 5% of white men in the same city.”