Blue Ivy’s Performance at Beyoncé’s Paris Renaissance Concert Brings Joy to Her Siblings

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Beyoncé was incredibly proud to share photos and videos of her firstborn, Blue Ivy’s, performance. The caption read “my beautiful first born I’m so proud and thankful to be your mama. You bring us so much joy, my sweet angel.”

Rumi Carter, Beyoncé’s youngest daughter, cheered from the stands during one of their
Paris concerts this past weekend, but the ovation was for one of her siblings. Rumi, Beyoncé’s
5-year-old daughter, highly enjoyed the bit when Blue Ivy unexpectedly joined the performance.
Blue Ivy showcased her dancing skills during Beyonce’s “My Power” from The Lion King and
continued to awe the audience with more dance moves during “Black Parade.”

Rumi and her twin brother, Sir, were seated with their friends and family, along with their
proud father, Jay-Z, as they gave kudos to their 11-year-old sibling. They raised a sign saying
“We Love You Blue!”.

Once the performance ended, Blue Ivy went back to where she was previously sitting to
celebrate the moment with her brother and sister.

Beyoncé’s mother, Tina Knowles-Lawson, was also present and provided he granddaughter with loads of praise. Lawson declared, “Last night I saw my beautiful grandbaby
(11) dance in the front of almost 70 thousand people! She killed it and was as cool as a
cucumber! Blue Ivy Carte No Fear.”

Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour started off at the Friends Area in Stockholm, Sweden,
during this past month, exhibiting her first solo concert event in seven years.

The concert’s setlist showcases numerous songs from her seventh major project
“Renaissance,” including “Cuff It,” “Pure/Honey,” “Plastic Off The Soda” and “Alien

The Carter family certainly has a lot to celebrate and it’s wonderful to see!