Blueface Arrested & Charged With A Felony, Cops Say He Was Involved In A Robbery

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Blueface is dealing with a legal case.

The West Coast rapper was reportedly arrested while in court. The “Thotiana” rapper initially had a preliminary hearing for his attempted murder charges. In November, Blue was arrested on felony charges of attempted murder with a deadly firearm or tear gas. The alleged shooting happened in October.

Today (June 7), officers arrested Blue because they claim he was involved in a robbery. As a result, he’s facing a felony charge for the alleged crime. 

TMZ reports, Blue’s attorneys, Lisa Rasmussen and Kristina Wildeveld say they’re “in the dark” on the details of the new arrest. Blues legal team said they “look forward to vigorously defending him on both cases.”

Chrisean Rock, Blue’s on/off-again girlfriend reacted to the news. Their relationship is seemingly on the rocks as Blue has been speaking negatively about the expecting mother. However, Rock is sticking beside him and said she would have flown out to be with him in court. Take a look:

Story developing… we’ll keep you updated as more details become available.