Blueface Seemingly Responds To Chrisean Rock Accusing Him Of Beating Her Up

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Blueface Responds To Chrisean Rock Accusing Him Of Beating Her Up


The couple, Blueface and Chrisean Rock, constantly make blog news headlines for their toxic behavior. Last week, Chrisean shared a graphic video of herself with a bloody face, accusing Blueface of hitting her. She claims he allegedly beat her up after she was texting another man. 

On October 31, Chrisean retracted her statement and said that Blue didn’t put his hands on her, but some online critics don’t buy it. In a video message, Chrisean, blamed her actions on “a bad trip with Casamigos.” She said:

“Sorry, guys, I had a mental breakdown/bad trip with the liquor trynna jump out of a moving car on freeway [praying hands emoji]. I will be working on my mental health n liquor habits.” Take a look:

In a since-deleted message, Blueface seemingly responded to the abuse allegations with a cryptic message. One Tweet said:

“Idk how y’all by passing her tryna jump out a moving car on the hwy in Gary indiana a little bloody nose an lip is save compared to the injuries she would have really sustained. Pray for rocks mental health if you actually care she’s perfectly fine physically.” Another message said,

“Tryna hold rock down is a bull ride she ain’t no weak b*tch clearly y’all ain’t watched her go against baddies south security.”

A few weeks ago, Blue and Rock announced they have a new reality show underway on Zeus, called, Crazy In Love. Since the announcement, social media users want the show to be canceled. One person online said, 

“That Blueface & Chrisean show needs to be scrapped immediately. After the way he put his hands on her tonight, it’s time yall stop glorifying abusive relationships and CANCEL IT!”

Hip Hop DX points out, LAPD isn’t investigating Blueface over the alleged fight. Blue also denies any abuse.