Blueface’s Mom Wants Kim Kardashian To Help Chrisean Rock

chrisean rock
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – NOVEMBER 09: Chrisean Rock attends French Montana’s Birthday Celebration at Private Residence on November 09, 2023 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Andrew J Cunningham/Getty Images)

Karlissa Saffold is seeking assistance from Kim Kardashian for her grandson amidst the recent Chrisean Rock arrest, which remains a hot topic. Rock was arrested at an LA courthouse during Blueface’s hearing due to an outstanding warrant, leading to her being taken into custody. As a result, her son Chrisean Jr. was taken by her friend Marsha, leaving both of his parents in jail.

The relationship between Karlissa and Blueface has been complicated, and Chrisean hasn’t allowed Saffold to see her grandchild. Despite this, Saffold deeply cares about Chrisean Jr.’s welfare and is now reaching out to Kim Kardashian for help. Kardashian is known for aiding incarcerated individuals, and Saffold has previously asked for her assistance. She tweeted, “@kimkardashian can you please get my grandson’s parents out of jail!!!!”

Kim Kardashian has been studying law and working towards becoming a lawyer. She has been involved in criminal justice reform efforts and has successfully advocated for the release of several prisoners. Kardashian has also worked as an apprentice with law firms.

Though it’s uncertain whether Kardashian will intervene, Saffold remains determined to secure her son and daughter-in-law’s release. Updates on Chrisean’s case have been scarce, indicating it may be some time before she’s released on bond. Meanwhile, Blueface is expected to be released in July, though circumstances could change.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding the situation, Saffold’s plea highlights her commitment to her family’s well-being and her willingness to seek help from any available avenue, including social media influencers like Kardashian. The outcome of Chrisean Rock’s case and the fate of her family remain uncertain, awaiting further developments in the legal process.