Boosie Badazz Wants To Hire Girls To Be Mermaids For His New Pool

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Boosie Badazz is looking to hire a few women to be showgirls and mermaids for his new pool in the summer.

On Sunday (Feb. 26), the “Wipe Me Down” rapper tweeted the job listing revealing that the pool area would be called “Las Vegas, Georgia.” He wants 10 women to be showgirls and an additional three to “just lay in the water like mermaids.”

“Working on my new spot on my land [called] ‘Las Vegas Georgia.’ [I’m] looking to hire 10 showgirls to walk around the pool [and] be pretty for the summer. I also need [three] women to be [three] mermaids. You just [have to] look pretty [and] just lay [in] the water like mermaids,” Boosie Badazz wrote.

“Omg, this sounds awesome,” a Twitter user replied to the Louisiana native’s job listing.

“Don’t make me build a mermaid tail,” another user joked.