Boosie Claims It’s Not Rape If It Involves Your ‘Baby Mama’

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During an interview today (Oct. 5) with VladTV, Boosie says he doesn’t believe it’s rape if it involves your “baby mama.”

“I can’t believe no baby mama s**t. I ain’t lying. Even if I want to, I can’t believe no baby mama s**t. Ain’t no telling what happen, if they together and money involved … I don’t really see no serial rape going on with no baby mama. You know serial is violent,” the rapper said.

He added, “Most times your d**k go in your baby mama, it opens up, it will willingly. I don’t really see no serial rape s**t. I don’t know, you just fucked me up with the baby mama s**t [because] when your d**k go in, it ain’t no serial no more, it ain’t violently.”

These comments come after he learned that Mystical, whose real name is Michael Lawrence Tyler, is facing life in prison after being indicted on a first-degree rape and domestic abuse charge. On July 31, he was arrested after allegedly imprisoning, strangling, assaulting, robbing, and raping a woman over a financial dispute at his Prairieville, Louisiana home the night before. Mystikal’s lawyer claimed the woman was in a long-term relationship with the rapper.

According to the arrest warrant, the former No Limit rapper accused the victim of stealing $100 from him and then violently attacked her. The victim said when she tried to help him find the money, she found a “crystalline substance” in his dresser. She claimed that he forced her onto a bed and raped her. When the woman escaped, she went to the hospital where a rape kick was performed on her. Detectives later discovered xanax, heroin and marijuana at Mystikal’s home, along with a broken fingernail and clumps of the woman’s hair.

“I don’t hope jail for no mother f***er … As far as me knowing him … I see a fly ni**a, you know ever since I was a young ni**a … I seen pussy parade to him. I ain’t see no rape in his character. I never saw no rape in nothing in this dude … That shit blows me, I be like what the f**k. I don’t see that in his character. I never saw that in his character,” Boosie said in the interview.

Mystikal has a history of sexual assault allegations. He spent six years in prison after he pleaded guilty in 2003 for sexual battery and extortion which stemmed from an alleged incident with his hair stylist at the time. In 2017, he was indicted on rape and kidnapping charges. He spent two years in jail before posting a $3 million bond. The charges ended up being dropped due to lack of evidence.