Boosie Says He Makes Up To $40,000 Per Episode Doing Interviews 

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One thing about Boosie BadAzz, he’s a hustler.

XXL reports that the rapper was chopping it up with fans and spoke about podcast interviews being safer than performing at the club. He said he would prefer taking an interview gig making $10-$20k less than getting booked for a show. Boosie said,

“I can make $30-$40,000 to sit on a couch and talk; it’s way safer than the club and all [the] guns in the b*tch. Gotta leave the club. In front of somebody that ain’t gonna hurt me. I think y’all should be happy I’m doing podcasts. I’m a live [way longer] doing podcasts. Way more less dangerous doing podcasts.” He continued,

“Would you rather do a show for $60[,000] or a podcast for $45[,000]? I made that decision the other day. I took the 45 over the 60.” Boosie explains why,

“The 60, I had to pay for flights, hotels, go in a dangerous-ass city. Sh*t ’bout being careful. I can sit 45 minutes on a couch and just talk s**t, forty-something-thousand dollars.”

Take a look:

Boosie certainly has a point when it comes to clubs. Earlier today, we covered the story about an incident at a GloRilla and Finesse2Tymes show that left one person dead. In 2021, 10 concertgoers died at Travis Scott’s Astroworld

The “Wipe Me Down” rapper is a frequent guest on Vlad TV. Although it’s not a podcast, Boosie and Vlad speak on topics that usually go viral. More recently, during a Vlad TV interview, Boosie spoke about canceling his joint album with T.I. after accusing him of being a snitch.

T.I. fired back and said he was joking about snitching on his dead cousin. TMZ recently caught up with TIP and said there’s no beef between him and Boosie, and the situation is being dealt with privately. 

Hypothetically, should Boosie get his own T.V. show, and would you watch it?