Boosie Thinks Drake May Be The Reason His Instagram Account Was Deleted

(Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

Boosie’s Instagram account has been deleted again. This time he thinks Drake may be the reason.

Boosie shares via Twitter that his Instagram account was taken down, again, for “no reason.” He suggest that it has something to do with him promoting his new film. He says, “MY IG WAS TAKEN FOR NOTHNG AGAIN. THEY MUST HAVE FOUND OUT I HAVE A FILM THAT IM PROMOTING .PLEASE CONTINUE TO BUY MY FILM DESPITE THIS MOVE TO STOP THE SUCESS OF MY STRUGGLE.YALL ALL I GOT AGAINST THESE POWERFUL PEOPLE .BUY IT TWICE TO BOOST MY FIRST WEEK NUMBERS THANKS..”

He then suggest that reaching out to Drake for help might’ve did it. He tweets, “THEY SAW ME REACH OUT TO DRAKE FOR HELP SMH GO BUY MY MOVIE 3TIMES F*CK THESE PEOPLE…”

In other news, Boosie released his biopic, titled, My Struggle.

The movie follows the life of the rapper, and his upbringing in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The film also details his life when he was in prison, and his trial for first-degree murder charges.