Boosie Voted For The First Time During GA Senate Election, Wants More Black People To Show Up To The Polls 

(Photo by Scott Cunningham/NBAE via Getty Images)

Boosie is putting his star power to good use! 

Boosie decided to exercise his right to vote, even if it was for the first time. He realized the importance of this election and wanted to do his part. 

In an Instagram video, Boosie was in a wheelchair, still recovering from getting shot at the end of last year, and let it be known he’s riding with the Democrats. In the caption, Boosie seemed to be filled with excitement and said, 


As reported on Hip Hop DX, a news station spoke to Boosie after he voted and he said he hopes he can inspire more Black Americans to pull up to the polls. 

“I’ve been watching the runoffs and I just feel like me coming out here will inspire a lot of people to go vote. And I feel like Warnock is going to do a lot of things that’s been on my mind heavy also. I feel like my vote will matter.”

Boosie went on to say,

“I just want to see more of my African-American people coming out and voting. I’m looking around and I don’t see a lot of that. I think more African-Americans need to come vote because we have it hard as a race and if we want to make change we have to vote.”

Salute Boosie!