Brandy Opens Up About Having Suicidal Thoughts While Battling Depression For Years

Singer Brandy performs onstage during 2019 Urban One Honors at MGM National Harbor on December 05
(Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

Brandy is being 100 percent transparent!

During a recent interview with People, the singer opened up about a dark time in her life. Back in 2006, Brandy was involved in a horrible car accident that claimed the life of a 38-year-old woman. Brandy didn’t face any criminal charges and ended up settling out of court with the woman’s family. However, the event still haunts her. 

This caused her to go into a state of depression but the thought of raising her daughter made her strong.

“I remember laying in bed super depressed, I [told] myself, ‘So, you’re just going to go out like this? That’s wack. You have a daughter. If you can’t do it for yourself, do it for her because this is not the way to leave a mark in her life.’”

Brandy thanks and credits her daughter Sy’rai, who is now 18, for helping her get out of the dark place

“If Sy’rai wasn’t here, I wouldn’t be either,” she says. “The place that I was in, it just felt like I wasn’t going to make it through.”

Brandy welcomed her baby girl back in 2002 and around that time she had split from Sy’rai’s dad, a producer Robert Smith. At the time, Brandy was filming a reality show in which their relationship was portrayed as a happy one, however, it wasn’t the case in real life and they never got married. Brandy said this changed people’s perspective of her but she had to focus on being a mom for her daughter. 

Brandy currently has a new album out, her seventh studio album B7. Brandy told People that hence the name of one of her songs, “Bye Bipolar,” she hasn’t been diagnosed with it, but said she’s feeling “back on track.”

“I’m in a place now,” says the singer, “where I can be proud of moving in the right direction.”

Take a listen to B7: