Brandy Reacts To Ray J’s New Face Tattoos: ‘Looked Dirty’

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Ray J says his sister, Brandy, is not a fan of his new face tattoos.

We previously reported that Ray J has some new tatts which includes his children’s names Melody and Epik, the logo of his Tronix TV network, and what appears to be three stars.

While showing them off on Instagram live, Ray says, “everybody tripping,” he explained. “I had a few doctors call me and DM me. Thank you, I appreciate the love because if you worried about me, then please let me know. If I’m falling by the wayside, If I’m going left, help me go right. I’ma listen. Straight up.“ 

During the live he continued, “I’m about to go finish them right now, and I’ma really go big today,” Ray J said seemingly insinuating that he’s going to get more. “When I’m done with them, then I think everybody might f**k with them. But if they don’t, you ain’t got to look at me.” 

The “One Wish” singer says his sister Brandy, also dislikes his newfound look. “My sister hit me and said, ‘Yo, that post that you posted, take that s**t down,’” Ray J admitted. “She said I didn’t look clean, I looked dirty. My mouth was chapped, I got white s**t coming all out my mouth. My sister is mad at me because she doesn’t want my face tattoos. She doesn’t want me to come online irresponsibly. And that’s why I love her.”