Breonna Taylor Sculpture In California Was Smashed & Vandalized

A crowd of protesters gather near the Breonna Taylor memorial in Jefferson Square Park on October 2
Photo by Jon Cherry/Getty Images

Some people are just DISGUSTING! 

According to reports, an unknown person (or a group of people) vandalized a Breonna Taylor sculpture in Oakland, County near city hall. 

CNN reports the beautiful ceramic memorial in Breonna’s honor was put up two weeks ago. The bust was secured on a base with a plaque that reads, “Say her name: Breonna Taylor.” The sculptor showed Breonna smiling, even though the American justice system completely failed her. 

Chunks of the bust were found broken and parts of Breonna’s face were chipped. Oakland Police Department confirmed to the news publication that they’re investigating the act of vandalism. As of now, there are no potential suspects or “motives.” However, intentionally destroying something to honor someone whose life was unjustly taken by the system smells like a hate crime. 

The artist who created the sculpture, Leo Carson, is reportedly working to fix it. He told CNN he considers this to be “an act of racist aggression aimed at suppressing the fight for Black freedom.”

Take a look at a news report: