Breonna Taylor’s BF Says He’s ‘A Million Percent Sure’ Cops Didn’t Announce Themselves

A billboard featuring a picture of Breonna Taylor and calling for the arrest of police officers involved in her death is seen on August 11
Photo by Jon Cherry/Getty Images

Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, is speaking out publicly.

During an interview with Gayle King on CBS This Morning, he said the Louisville officers who stormed into his late girlfriend’s home on the evening of March 13, never announced themselves. This has been the whole base of the case because it contradicts what Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron’s believes the officers did. 

Gayle asked Kenneth who did he and Breonna think was at the door and he said they really didn’t have a clue. He said,

“I mean, if it was the police at the door and they just said, We’re … we’re the police, me or Breonna didn’t have a reason at all not to open the door to see what they wanted.”

Kenneth went on to say he’s a million percent sure that no one identified themselves the night the love of his life was murdered at the hands of police. Kenneth was protecting his Queen, Breonna, according to him, the police never said who they were so he fired a warning shot and he’s a licensed gun-owner, who did not break the law. The police fired back, approximately 32 shots, which ultimately struck and killed Breonna

Take a look:

Louisville gave Breonna’s family a multi-million dollar wrongful death settlement, but they didn’t actually hold anyone accountable for the “wrongful death.” The three officers involved were not charged for killing Breonna, only Brett Hanikson was charged for putting the neighbors in danger. Kenneth is reportedly suing Louisville for falsely arresting him. 

Breonna Taylor’s life mattered.