Bronny James’ Basketball Game Cancelled Due to Shooting Scare

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According to TMZ, LeBron James’ eldest son, Bronny James, was rushed off the court at his basketball game due to chaos from the spectators.

Over the weekend, Bronny’s team the Sierra Canyon basketball team played against Dematha as part of a showcase event in D.C on Saturday. Dematha was leading the game, 52-51, when suddenly the game was cancelled. A disturbance from the audience resulted in chaos on the stands. Several fans reportedly got into altercations and someone speculated the presence of a firearm.

Etan Thomas, a reporter from Basketball News, spoke with one of the witnesses from the crowd.

“I was walking by the concession line when I just saw everyone start running. They were jumping down from the bleachers and stampeding toward the exit. I have never seen anything like this before. People were so scared; they looked like they were running for their lives, so I started running too. Not like I was going to ask anyone what happened or what was going on. I saw running so I ran.” 

Another teenager added: “They should’ve had this at a bigger place, like where the Mystics play in Southeast. That’s a big arena, so you wouldn’t have had to have people all in the aisles and packed around the balcony. That was just a bad set up. Someone could’ve really gotten hurt.”

Cops told TMZ that when they arrived to the scene and conducted a thorough search, they did not locate a firearm and there were no injuries.

Bronny shared on his Instagram that “highschoolers can’t even hoop in peace nowadays”.