Bronny James Says He Faces A lot Of Criticism Being LeBron James’ Son

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Bronny James opens up about what it’s like being the son of LeBron James.

During a recent interview with NBA Central, the 19-year-old expresses, “It’s tough. A lot of criticism gets thrown my way, but you know, I’ve got to deal with it.”

“They don’t know what I’ve been through. But yeah, I just try to make the best of [the] opportunities that’s given to me.”

He continues: “You know I always want to end up where I’m happy the most. [My] mom has always told me you know, ‘take me where my heart wants me to be,’ and I just found happiness in what I’m doing right now, and I feel like that’s where I want myself to be at.”

We previously reported that Bronny recently declared for the 2024 NBA Draft while maintaining his college eligibility. 

Announced via Instagram “I’ve had a year with some ups and downs but all added to growth for me as a man, student and athlete,” he wrote.

“Thank you to USC for an amazing Freshman year, and as always thankful for my family, friends, doctors, athletic trainers and fans for their support,” the message continued.

His father, LeBron, also spoke on his decision to enter the draft. In a previous interview LeBron James expressed, “Bronny is his own man and he has some tough decisions to make and when he’s ready to make those decisions, he’ll let us all know,” James said. “But as his family, we’re going to support whatever he does.”