Bronx Cop Shooter Identified As Rising Rap Star C-Blu

Photo credit – Shutterstock

Rising rap star C-Blu, born Camrin Williams, has been identified as the person who shot at a Bronx, New York cop. 

The incident happened on January 19. NYDN reports the NYPD officer was shot and wounded trying to arrest C-Blu, 16. At the time, C-Blu was armed with a stolen gun outside a “notorious” Bronx apartment building, according to the report. 

Supposedly there was a crowd of young adults in front of a BX apartment building. Officers asked C-Blu to show his hands, but Blu refused, and that’s when the brawl happened, and a gunshot went off. Reports say the rapper and the police officer were both shot by the same bullet. Blu was struck in his groin and is expected to be okay. 

Four years on the job, the NYPD officer was shot in his leg. He was rushed to St. Barnabas Hospital and was later released. 

C Blu pleaded not guilty to criminal possession of a weapon, second-degree assault, and other weapons charges. His attorney, Dawn Florio, said her client didn’t pull the trigger. Florio said,“My client never touched the gun. You could hear the people saying that they thought the police officer shot my client.”

Blu’s bail is set at $200,000. He’s also a close associate of Kay Flock, who was recently arrested for murder. 

Hopefully, Blu can turn his life around. He’s book smart and has plans on being a biochemist. In an interview, he said, “I’m on my school s— still. You gotta be smart … I want to be a biochemist, besides this rapping s—.” He went on to say he wants to go to college.


Check out C-Blu’s banger “Blu Bop:”